CHADAR (Challenging Harassment and Abuse, Demanding Action and Respect) supports survivors on their journey to healing by equipping them with the language and tools necessary to understand their trauma, creating safe spaces for them to create communities, hosting workshops to empower them with healing opportunities, and acting as an education resource for the wider community.

Safe Space

We are an online platform that serves as a safe space for survivors of sexual harassment and abuse.

Educating the Wider Population

We aim to provide healing to survivors and raise awareness regarding the prevalence and severity of harassment + abuse across all cultures.


Besides our listening circles, we will host art therapy, healing, and strength workshops for survivors to facilitate them on their journey forward.

Our Story

Challenging Harassment and Abuse, Demanding Action and Respect

The word chadar is used to describe a long piece of cloth worn by a womxn to hide her body from men. Ayesha, a poet from Australia, wrote a poem about her chadar and its inability to protect her from predators, which went viral on Instagram and reignited a dying conversation regarding clothing, honour and violence in communities of colour, especially those in South Asia.

When this discourse gained momentum, Ayesha recognized that womxn in Pakistan do not have the knowledge to understand harassment and violence for what it is, let alone talk about it in safe spaces. This recognition resulted in our organization CHADAR.

The acronym C.H.A.D.A.R stands for Challenging Harassment and Abuse, Demanding Action and Respect. This organization became a mission to challenge eastern and western conceptions of sexual harassment and abuse, in order to have a global impact on the discourse surrounding this issue.